Why would you want Sponsorship?

07 Nov Why would you want Sponsorship?

Make your goals more achievable!

Athletes seek sponsorship for various reasons, with the main one being to reduce the financial strain of participating in their sporting activities. The reduction of this financial strain can mean that the athlete may be able to work reduced hours, or not at all, to focus on their training and events, or it may mean that though they continue employment, they can now set their sights on even bigger or more frequent event participation.

At some stage in their sporting life many athletes find themselves in a catch 22 situation where they are getting more and more active in their sporting activities, but to financially support this they need to work. The time and financial constraints can seriously impinge upon the development of athletes as they have to give up some of the time needed to train, travel, compete, plan etc.

With the right sponsorship you can make your lives easier, but most importantly make your goals more achievable.

Here are some obvious benefits for most athletes who obtain sponsorship:

• Covers costs of being an athlete
• Frees up time, so you can train (and recover!) more, and be able to travel to competitions and events
• Reduces stress
• Allows you to use the products and services of your choice rather than opting for a cheaper, inferior option.

The unexpected benefits of being a Sponsored athlete

While the obvious benefits are enough for most athletes who have engaged sponsorship there are many other great, unexpected benefits. Some of which are listed below and some of which are really unexpected!

As an overview, here are some of the not so expected benefits of engaging in sponsorship:

Increased network Just as you acquire an increased audience you also have access to an increased network of people and this can open up even more doors for you. By engaging with businesses you become part of the business world and can develop your professional skills. You will be amazed at the opportunities that present themselves.

Increased exposure Many companies have existing links with media outlets and will be able to connect you with the right people to help you increase your media coverage.

Adds credibility to you and your activities Put the brand name Powerbar next to an athlete’s name and straight away there is an assumption that that athlete is successful. By aligning yourself with companies whose values, brand and ethics are similar to yours you further enhance the name you are building for yourself and there is a perception created by this partnership that you are someone who is good at what you do.

Makes it easier to get additional and future sponsors By aligning with sponsors you are instantly more credible and will find it easier to engage other sponsors, particularly if you develop great relationships with your existing sponsors and ask them to provide testimonials. Through your social media, media and sponsor benefit activities such as monthly sponsor newsletters, public speaking etc. you will have evidence of your commitment to being a great investment and it will also give the potential sponsors a real insight into just how you operate!

Develop your professional skillset As an athlete, one of the unexpected perks of engaging in sponsorships with businesses is that you will be developing your professional skillset along with your athletic one. The transition from sport into a different career is much easier for those athletes who have already made connections and have developed professional skillsets during their athletic careers. Many athletes actually go on to work with companies who have sponsored them.

“You are developing relationships, skills, networks and experience that combined with your skills and personal attributes gained through your sport, will make you a very desirable candidate for future career opportunities!”

If you look at sponsorship as an income stream it may help you take the right approach moving forwards. Like any income you will have to work for it, and I don’t just mean winning a race or creating a successful event, it may be that you need to engage in additional activities to be able to offer return on your sponsors investments, i.e doing a presentation at their annual dinner, or sharing your knowledge of a certain topic with a group of staff, or even attending a media opportunity with your sponsors. Its work, but you’re getting paid for it and if your experience will be anything like ours, you’re actually going to enjoy it!

Do you want to focus more on your sport, reduce the financial strain and make your goals more achievable? Sponsorship is the answer!


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Vickie Saunders

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