Why Would YOU Want Sponsorship?

08 Nov Why Would YOU Want Sponsorship?

Athletes seek sponsorship for various reasons, with the main one being to reduce the financial strain of participating in their sporting activities.

The reduction of this financial strain can mean that the athlete may be able to work reduced hours, or not at all, to focus on their training and events, or it may mean that though they continue employment, they can now set their sights on even bigger or more frequent event participation.

At some stage in their sporting life many athletes find themselves in a catch 22 situation where they are getting more and more active in their sporting activities, but to financially support this they need to work.

The time and financial constraints can seriously impinge upon the development of athletes as they have to give up some of the time needed to train, travel, compete, plan etc.

A couple of years ago my partner Richard and I were in the depths of logistic planning and and sponsor engagement for our Bicentennial National Trail project which was going to take Richard and I away from our normal lives for 6 months while he ran a marathon a day on a tough and remote trail with me as his trusty and completely inexperienced support crew.

I pleaded with Rich to leave his job in sales, he was training 30 hours a week (running), working full time, coaching other runners 5 hours a week and we were spending every spare moment planning the BNT project. We were barely sleeping, staying up past midnight most nights and up before sunrise most mornings, and we worked harder in that 15 months than any other time in our lives.

Some of you will already identify with this situation and know that with the right sponsorship you can make your lives easier, but most importantly make your goals more achievable.

Here are some obvious benefits for most athletes who obtain sponsorship:

  • Covers costs of being an athleteFrees up time not having to work so many hours each week means you can train (and recover!) more, and be able to travel to competitions and events
  • Reduces stress from not having to work so hard and not knowing whether you will be able to afford to attend an important competition, if you’ll have to borrow money from the bank, or family
  • Allows you to use the products and services of your choice rather than opting for a cheaper, inferior option….or as many athletes I’ve seen, skipping things like massages and physiotherapy all together!

There are many other benefits of being a sponsored athlete and in a future blog we will look at some of the unexpected benefits of engaging in sponsorships!

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Vickie Saunders

Vickie is the world's leading expert on commercial relationships for individuals, businesses and sports organisations.