Create And Sustain Valuable Athlete Sponsorship

Athletic sponsorship investment offers incredible value….when it’s done right!

Want to know how your business (in any industry and of any size) can get incredible return on one of the most underutilised but incredibly powerful marketing tools? 

Learn how to optimise your sponsorship deals, for a commercial return that boosts your business profile and revenue…..and saves you time and money!

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Learn Why Sponsoring Athletes Is Such A Great Investment

Find out how your business can benefit from sponsoring athletes….and why they don’t need to be elite or famous!

Learn how to make your sponsorship valuable, meaningful, measurable and sustainable.

Choosing athletes

Learn how to identify the right athletes and ambassadors for your business.

Understanding Sponsorship

How sponsorship works and the incredible benefits it offers your business.

Case Studies

A diverse range of businesses share their insights into sponsorship.

Sponsorship Plans

How to plan, strategise and create successful plans.

Customer Reviews

Everything you need to know


Whether you’re looking to sponsor an athlete for the first time, or improve the athlete sponsorship you already have in place, this book is a must read!

Learn The process

Within these pages you’ll find what you need to know to create commercially effective athlete sponsorship.

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 Effective Marketing

Create savvy, budget-friendly and highly effective marketing and communication strategies with your sponsored athletes.

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 Business Objectives

Learn how your entire business can benefit from athlete sponsorship, from staff engagement to financial targets.

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