Sports Club Sponsorship Program – 6 Week Course

Engage Valuable Sponsorship For Your Sports Club

A Simple Step By Step Process To Get Great Sponsorship!


Step-By-Step Guide

We take the guess work out and give you a simple process that will allow you to to engage valuable sponsorship for your club!

Video Tutorials

Workshop style tutorial videos will explain each step, and give you great ideas that you can apply straight away.

Professional Development

You and your club will become sponsorship experts, and retain the skills, knowledge and resources in house!

Simple Instructions

Whether you are brand new to sponsorship or have experience, our instructions will be easy to understand and follow!

For All Types Of Clubs

Designed for clubs of all types (in all sports) seeking sponsorship, we have everything you need to succeed!

Templates And Examples

Professional templates for you to use, and real examples from sports clubs who have engaged sponsorship in this way!

The most common challenges sports clubs face when it comes to getting (and keeping) sponsors:

1. Not knowing how to identify and connect with suitable sponsors!

2. Not knowing the value they can offer ….. or how to communicate it!

3. Feeling their options are limited due to their size, type of sport or geographic location 

We also know that many sponsorship managers have limited experience in this area, and simply don’t know where to start.

The pressure of sourcing sponsorship at the start of each year is stressful, sometimes frustrating….and can really hold a sports club back from achieving it’s needs and ambitions! It doesn’t need to be like this.

We offer a simple, effective, step by step process that will enable the identification and engagement of valuable sponsorship for your club, and help you create a strategy that works in the short and long term!

We take the pressure and guesswork out, and empower you with the knowledge, skills and resources that make YOU and YOUR CLUB the sponsorship experts!

For Just $529 AUD Here’s What You’ll Receive:

  • 6 x 30 MINUTE WORKSHOPS – Interactive Online group workshops – We answer all your questions and work with you to develop your sponsorship plan!
  • 1:1 STRATEGY SESSION – A private 30 minute mentoring session where we will help you create your strategy! FREE! Valued at $280!
  • FREE RESOURCE LIBRARY – Weekly curated content including Video interviews and podcasts with industry experts from around the world, blogs and articles, and a constant supply of sponsorship tips and news!
  • Sports Club Sponsorship Toolkit

Your Sports Club Sponsorship Toolkit will include:

  • Workbook (work online or print your own copy)
  • Online Group for advice and support
  • Understanding Sponsorship (ebook)
  • 8 Step process to Getting Sponsored
  • 8 x Video Workshops
  • Sponsorship Proposal Template
  • Sponsorship Contract template

If you want to purchase our toolkit individually, click here.

A World Class Approach

The Sports Club Sponsorship Toolkit has revolutionised the way that clubs from all around the world engage sponsorship! Everything you need is right here!

Our clients range from local sports clubs right through to Olympic Committee’s….as well as local and global companies who sponsor clubs and events, so we know what works, and ensure that you receive the very best and most up to date support!

We have monthly group workshops and the support you will receive is incredible…..from our team of industry experts who truly care about your success.

Step By Step Activities

Each step of the process has a workshop style tutorial video which will explain the activity and help you create your own unique content.

Every activity you do is leading you towards the right sponsors, and creating the content for your sponsorship proposals. We know the common challenges that clubs face….and we address these during the process!

You don’t need to guess….or hope! Our simple process will enable you to identify exactly what you need to do to create an effective sponsorship strategy and engage the valuable sponsorship that your club needs!

Templates And Examples

We provide you with fantastic templates that you can use to create your plan, how to identify and connect with potential sponsors, how to create a pitch, and of course how to generate professional, strategic and effective proposals.

We share some of our favourite proposals from sports clubs just like yours who have engaged sponsorship using this process and template.

We tell you how to include the right structure and images, what to say, and how to make sure you have a positive impact from the very start!

Video Workshops For Each Activity

Our expert team have created workshop-style video’s to guide you through each step. In this immersive way, your will gain a deep understanding of the sponsorship process, and develop your own ideas and content.

Each workshop lasts for 10-15 minutes and you can watch these on any device!

Every Sports Club Has Unique Value

Through this simple process you will learn exactly what to offer sponsors (both new sponsors and current sponsors!) ….and importantly, which sponsors to approach (and how to make contact with them)!

No matter what sport, what size club, geographic location, there are fantastic opportunities for sponsorship, and you will be amazed to learn the ways that your club can be of benefit to businesses (of all types and sizes!)

Get your sponsorship journey off to a flying start with our 6 week mentoring course!

Each week you will participate in an online, interactive group workshop to take your through each step of the sponsorship process.

Learn the skills and knowledge you need to successfully (and confidently) engage sponsors for your sports club.

Quickly and easily get to the stage of delivering your pitch to potential sponsors…and know that you are approaching the right sponsors in the right way…..with the right offer!

Get A Free Mentoring Session! Worth $280!

When you join our 6 week course, you will get a free mentoring session with one of our sponsorship experts!

We want you to start your sponsorship journey with us with confidence and clarity….and as such we would love to jump on a video call to get you started!

We will help you identify your overall sponsorship strategy…as well as give you some pointers about your club’s unique value, and opportunities you may want to explore!

It can be scary starting out on this journey…..and the only thing we know for certain is if you DON’T try, you definitely won’t get sponsored. If you DO….then the opportunities are endless….and very exciting!

Feedback From REAL Sports Clubs Who Engaged Their Sponsorship In This Way:

"Partnering with the corporate sector for sponsorship has always been a challenge for us, mainly because of the perception that parachuting is high risk.

The Sponsorship Consultants worked with us to help us develop a strategy. We were then given the tools and resources to create a prospectus that was highly professional and could deliver the message that we wanted to portray. Since we have workshopped our strategies using this process, we have since seen tremendous success. Our investment has paid off to the tune of over 400%."

Rob Libeau

Australian Parachuting Federation

"With easy to follow systems and a network of resources the process is user friendly which is not just about attracting and securing those sponsors but also how to maintain a lasting relationship with those sponsors.

But I think the most valuable part is that it is all about you learning all these skills yourself which means you can continue to use this program into your sporting and professional career and this in itself is really priceless."

Lucas Mclean

Obstacle Racing Australia

Start (or improve!) your
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