Sponsorship Proposal Template

Learn How To Create A Winning Sponsorship Proposal

The Ultimate Athlete Sponsorship Proposal Template Shows You Exactly What Information To Include And How To Create A Proposal That Sponsors Will WANT To Read


About This eBook

Read this to learn how to create professional, strategic and effective athlete sponsorship proposals!

It’s really important to understand what a sponsor needs to know when they read a proposal….and how to create a document that they will actually WANT to read!

For athletes seeking sponsorship, this ebook provides a great insight into creating your own unique and effective proposal….to send to one or many sponsors!

For Just $9 AUD Here’s What You’ll Recieve:

  • How to create a sponsorship proposal from scratch!
  • A step by step guide of what information to include….and what to leave out
  • How to structure your sponsorship proposal in a way that really tells sponsors what they want to know
  • How to use photos and images in your proposal
  • Delivered straight to your device…start learning now!

Structuring Your Sponsorship Proposal

Within these pages you’ll find what you need to know to layout your proposal in a simple and logical way.

We show you just how simple it can be……but also show you how to avoid the mistakes that SO many athletes make!

You’ll also learn how to use photos and images to really tell your story to potential sponsors!

Create Your Own Sponsorship Story

Gain a practical and working knowledge of how to plan, strategise and create winning sponsorship proposals that really showcase who you are….what you do….and why you will be such a great investment for your sponsors!

Create your own unique, successful approach to sponsorship!

Start (or improve!) your
sponsorship journey today!