Brand Strategy Session

We Work With You To Create Your Personal Brand

Our Team Of Experts Will Assess Your Unique Characteristics, Activities And Ambitions To Help You Create And Activate Your Personal Brand.


1 Hour Online Session

We will help you identify your uniqueness and the way you can use this to convey your story, and that of your sponsors in an effective and authentic way.

Personalised Strategy

We work with you to create a strategy that will have positive impact and help your personal brand shine through in all your activities…on and off line!

Action Plan

We make sure you leave the session with a clear plan of action that will be easy and enjoyable to follow!

Simple And Effective

Whether you are brand new or have experience, our advice will be easy to understand and follow!


We work with the biggest sports organisations, sponsors and athletes of all levels, all around the world.

Personal Brand Guide

A fantastic resource that will allow you to keep developing and improving your personal brand!

For Just $200AUD Here’s What You’ll Receive:

  • 1 hour online session with our personal brand expert
  • Detailed analysis of your unique qualites and ambitions
  • Tailored strategy for your personal brand development and activation
  • Action plan for you to use straight away
  • Tips and ideas that are just right for you!
  • BONUS! We will provide you with a video recording of the session!
  • BONUS! 50 Ways To Attract Sponsors (ebook)

During The Session

We will teach you:

  • How to identify your personal brand and what that looks like in your online and and offline activities
  • How to create effective and interesting social media posts that communicate your personal brand
  • How to tell your story…and that of your sponsors!
  • How to develop and adapt your personal brand ongoing.

Our Promise To You

We are lucky enough to work with athletes just like you every day. It is fulfilling, exciting…..and a privilege, as we are able to share in the journey and success made possible through your hard work and dedication.

We care deeply about your journey, and share your belief in hard work and dedication…and this is what we bring to our 1 hour session with you.

We bring our A-Game every time, and we ask that you be prepared to work intensively with us during this hour.

Why We Suggest Mentoring

We’re focused on your success in developing valuable, meaningful, sustainable and enjoyable commercial relationships, for your life now as an athlete…for your professional and personal development….and for the future as you transition out of sport.

We guide you: through education, provision and development of resources, and fully support the creation of your own knowledge and processes….so you become the expert!

BONUS! Our Popular Ebook “50 Ways To Attract Sponsors”

Learn 50 ways you can offer value to sponsors! We look beyond the obvious, and provide you with a range of unique, creative and valuable ideas that will help you attract great sponsors!



We focus is on empowering athletes with knowledge and resources to support the pursuit and engagement of personal sponsorship, and your own development.



We are focused on creating economical sustainability (through the cost of our education services, and the economical benefits athletes receive directly and indirecty through sponsorship.



We are focused on knowledge sustainability, and setting up for a succesful life during and post sport. You become the expert and create your own unique pathway.

Start (or improve!) your
sponsorship journey today!

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‘Sponsorship For Athletes’.


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