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  • How to identify the right sponsors for you
  • How sponsorship works and the incredible benefits it offers you
  • Stories from athletes just like you, sharing their experiences with sponsorship
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    How to plan, strategise and create winning proposals
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    The step by step process of engaging your dream sponsorship!
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About This Book

Sponsorship is abundant…and available to athletes of ALL levels and in ALL sports!

Sponsorship for Athletes removes the mystery about sponsorship and reveals exactly how you can engage valuable, lasting sponsor relationships to help you fulfil your sporting ambitions.


Learn The Process Of Getting Sponsored

Within these pages you’ll find what you need to know to obtain, maintain and retain sponsors.

Learn how sponsorship works and the incredible benefits it offers you…..beyond just financially!

You'll also learn how (and when) to make contact with your potential's not as difficult or scary as you think!

Create Your Own Sponsorship Strategy

Gain a practical and working knowledge of how to plan, strategise and create winning proposals!

Create your own unique, successful approach to sponsorship!

Feedback from REAL Athletes who read this book:

“I read this book, applied what I learned, and then engaged $36,000AUD of financial sponsorship with a single sponsor"

Richard Wassell, Vision Impaired Athlete, Australia

"Probably the most comprehensive and easy to understand guide to getting sponsored you’ll ever read! Sounds dramatic, but frankly I stand by my words. My day job sees me in one of the largest banks in Asia Pacific region, on the floor of marketing and sponsorship teams. If you’re looking to get sponsored...THIS IS THE READ FOR YOU!"

Chris Collins, Multisport Magazine, New Zealand

"Vickie's book helped me to get to know what sponsorship really is and how to plan and start looking for the right sponsors. Most importantly, the book inspires you to be positive, to have a just do it attitude, no matter which sport you play and what level you are in"

Ma Ocampo, Dragon Boat Racer, Phillipines

"The book has simple teaching methods on how to approach your sponsors and keep them. It is a must have book for all athletes of all levels. The book will help athletes create successful sponsorship opportunities and build strong relationships."

Maher Safi, Marketing Manager, Qatar

Start (or improve!) your sponsorship journey today!

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