Womens Health and Fitness Summit

About This Project


Women’s Health and Fitness Summit (WHFS)  is in it’s second year, and the organiser Michelle was feeling very confused about how to engage sponsors. She had some existing sponsors from the first event, but need to:

  • Increase the value of the current sponsorships….she was giving away alot of value for not much return from the sponsors.
  • Identify new sponsors….and one’s that really suited this unique event.
  • Develop an engagement strategy…..she didn’t know where or how to start!



We split 3 hour the session into 3 main parts, and focused on giving Michelle clarity of the process to identify the information and to then put it into action post-workshop!

Our first step was to identify exactly what they wanted out of sponsorship…and we discovered that while financial sponsorship was of immediate and significant value, connecting with sponsors whose networks would be customers for the event was also desirable.

We then developed the existing list of ’Benefits’ the event can offer to sponsors, and looked at ways we could deliver tailored, relevant and valuable benefits to specific sponsors. We created a library of these benefits….as well as some specific applications for some of the key sponsors identified in the previous step.

We created an engagement plan for the identified sponsors, which was a step by step guide, with slightly different applications depending on the relationship Michelle currently had (or didn’t have!) with the sponsors.



Workshop cost – $720 (our fees)


As of July 2016, WHFS have secured an additional $27,000 of sponsorship value in just 8 weeks:

3 x New Financial Sponsors = $10,000

2 x New Product Sponsors = $6,000 (retail value)

Increased value from existing sponsors = $11,000

Total value achieved from 3 hour workshop = $27,000

7 warm-hot conversations ongoing = $ not established yet.



The 3 hour workshop completely changed my mindset, and my business! I used to think of seeking sponsors as a necessary evil, now I see it as a creative process!

As a result I now have a strategy that I use to not only approach sponsors, but to actually start the whole connection process.

I now know how to figure out what we give them that is of equal value to what they’re giving us….so we’re not giving the world in return for very little (like we used to do).

Equally, I have clarity on the wealth of value we have to offer, and how to make it really attractive for sponsors by tailoring it to their needs!

The framework allowed me to stop being so emotionally involved…. and to stop being fearful of them saying ‘No’!

Not only did we engage $10,000 of additional sponsorship, but our relationships with our existing sponsors has improved out of sight!