Shelley Grace Jarvie, Athlete Hub Member

About This Project

Shelley joined the Athlete Hub to support her partner (a semi-pro golfer) in his sponsorship seeking efforts:

After speaking with Vickie, I was hopeful I’d benefit from a proposal template and some other peoples’ stories; but what I got instead was WAY WAY more than what I’d expected. Vickie’s work made it almost like “paint by numbers”.

She got me to think of each step out of context, and in doing so I could really stretch my thinking about the process. That stretch made proposal writing an entirely different endeavour—one that was more intuitive and natural.

And the folks on the Hub are becoming a little like family to me. Listening to people’s questions and answers helps it all become a little closer to normal. I believe I will be a lifelong member.

Since joining the Athlete Hub, I’ve not only created successful sponsorship pitches for my partner and athlete Daniel, but I’ve also been able to help other athletes on their sponsorship journeys!