Oska Baynes, Runner, New Zealand

About This Project

“I worked closely with Vickie on a couple of projects, including athlete sponsorship and personal growth. Vickie made being a full time athlete a real possibility and opened many doors.

This has been a seamless, easy and extremely well thought out process…..easy to follow and each activity makes sense!

 Taking these steps has made being a full time athlete a reality for me!

In doing so I was able to secure valuable sponsorship deals and maintain great relationships with these companies.

I’m now helping other athletes with their sponsorship…..I’ve learned so much and it’s all about giving back!

What I liked is Vickie put the ball and racket in my hand, and helped me to upgrade the tools I already had, fine-tuned and ironed out some crinkles and pushed me in the right direction.

Her approach to working with me was certainly “teaching me to fish” not “give me the fish”….and I’ve now just become the owner of the running shop that gave me my first sponsorship! A pretty incredible outcome, and one I never could have dreamed of.”

Oska Baynes, Athlete and Business Owner, The Frontrunner