Lucas Mclean, Obstacle Racer, Australia

About This Project

After a football injury forced him into a sedentary lifestyle, a gain in weight was the instigator for a complete life turnaround, and Lucas Mclean is now a full-fledged, (almost) 6pack toting obstacle course racer….you know, like Tough Mudder….but tougher!
Lucas, on the upper end of the 30’s age bracket, is an non-elite athlete, who loves his sport, and has recently engaged a significant amount of sponsorship from his 4 favourite sports companies. Some would think this sponsorship an unlikely situation, but increasingly the ‘middle of the pack’ athlete is gaining interest and investment from companies who see their value off the sporting field.

“With easy to follow systems and a network of resources the process is user friendly!

It’s not just about attracting and securing those sponsors but also how to maintain a lasting relationship with those sponsors.

 I think the most valuable part is  learning all these skills yourself which means you can continue to use this program into your sporting and professional career.

With me having a business background I understand that this needs to be a two way process. You don’t get anything free in life and that is not what sponsorship is all about, it is two professional bodies working together for the benefit of each other. I mean I receive some relief from the high costs of being a professional athlete and they gain the exposure from me using their brand.”

Since embarking on his sponsorship journey Lucas has reported back that the skills and thought processes he learned through The Sponsorship Consultants have been so helpful in other areas of his life!

As a result of engaging sponsorship, the networks and credibility within his sport that he developed, he has now gone on to become Co-Chair, Director of Operations and Logistics at Obstacle Racing Australia.