Jessica Gray, Paralympian, Powerlifter, Australia

About This Project

Since becoming a full time athlete I have had many experiences with sponsors, some good and some bad.
When I came across Vickie Saunders’ book I’d already had some success with sponsors but it was hit and miss. Reading her book really made sense of why I had succeeded in some efforts and failed in others. It gave me the courage to consider the idea that I could self-fund my sport through sponsorship.
After private consultations with Vickie we put together a professional sponsorship profile template that I was able to alter to specifically target individual sponsors.
She taught me how to pick the most appropriate companies to approach, how to do it, and how to relate my strengths and demonstrate my value to potential sponsors. Sponsorship should never be a handout – understanding how to build and maintain a successful relationship with a sponsor is a major and vital part of what the Sponsorship Consultants taught me.
In today’s world it can be very difficult for any athlete to gain sponsorship, particularly as a female Para-Powerlifting athlete, there is next to nothing in the form of representation or assistance. The Sponsorship Consultants made it apparent to me that it is possible – no matter the type of athlete or discipline.
After a lot of hard work and persistence, I have been able to gain valuable and consistent sponsorship. I now have 8 significant sponsors covering all the needs of my sport, mobility, supplementation, nutrition, financial and even beauty.
In fact, thanks to the assistance of the Sponsorship Consultants I am the most sponsored power-lifter in Australia, a great achievement considering that I am a disabled athlete! Without these sponsors I would not have been able to continue in my sport after the loss of government funding from the Australian Sporting Commission in July 2014.
I would recommend the Sponsorship Consultants to any athlete whether they already have sponsors or not, for they open your mind to what you are able to achieve, creating great opportunities for the future.