Hannah Easton, Runner, Australia

About This Project

Hannah attended one of our workshops and was really just coming along out of curiosity, rather than any real commitment or desire to get sponsored. What she realised very quickly was that not only was she eligible to get sponsored (she hadn’t realised you don’t need to be winning races to get sponsored), but that the kinds of sponsorship she could engage could have a positive impact not just on her running but on her personal life too!

“As a running mum with 4 young children, I had no idea that I would be of any value to potential sponsors.

 I felt excited beyond words about the possibilities ahead. The process is simple and straightforward, and reaps incredible results.

 I’m now sponsored by my favourite shoe brand and am an ambassador for a bra and clothing store that I really believe in and am proud to represent!”

Hannah has also taken on an ambassador role for Running Mums Australia, which means her sponsors benefit greatly from her vast network and in the influence she has on the other women who look to her for guidance and advice.