Donna Urquhart, Runner, Australia

About This Project

Recently I attended a seminar about sponsorship for athletes conducted by Vickie Saunders, Founder of the ‘Sponsorship Consultants’. I left feeling excited and inspired, and a flurry of ideas and possibilities were running through my mind.

That night I couldn’t sleep and instead I found myself scribbling down ideas by the light of my mobile phone.

It wasn’t until a few days later that I had a chance to reflect on my experience and I found three key themes emerged; belief, knowledge and support. For a number of years I have wanted to challenge myself by doing something unique, something that makes a difference.

Listening to Vickie’s seminar helped me to realize that both consciously and unconsciously I have been putting up barriers.

Her experience over several years has shown that there are huge opportunities out there and these are available for everyone.

The information Vickie covered in the seminar about the development of sponsorship/ business relationships was particularly useful. She emphasised the importance of identifying the needs of all parties involved in the venture, advice that is no doubt central to the development of longterm, successful relationships.

The most valuable aspect of the evening was meeting Vickie, a friendly, approachable person who was genuinely interested in the attendees and more than willing to share her knowledge and expertise. These are the kind of attributes that are essential for a successful partnership or mentoring relationship.

One of Vickie’s key recommendations at the end of the seminar was to ‘take action’. I have taken action and it has already started opening doors. The day after the seminar I actually approached my physiotherapist about sponsorship….I made him an offer based on what I learned in the seminar…..and guess what, he said yes!