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About This Project


When the Australian Sports Commission was seeking an athlete sponsorship expert, they identified that the approach and methodology of The Sponsorship Consultants was completely aligned with their Personal Excellence programme.

They believe in providing athletes with resources and options, and empowering athletes with knowledge, as do The Sponsorship Consultants who teach athletes how to engage their own sponsorship, with a focus on creating meaningful, valuable and sustainable relationships with their sponsors.


The AIS Personal Excellence team (who are part of the Australian Sports Commission) worked with The Sponsorship Consultants to identify a pathway through sponsorship for their athletes that allowed them to take small steps initially before committing to the process of seeking sponsorship.

By using the existing resources (book, guides, templates and processes) of The Sponsorship Consultants, the project team were able to develop online education modules as part of their overall education platform, which is accessible to all AIS funded athletes, and close to 2,000 other athletes across Australia.


2 interactive, online modules are the starting point, during which the athletes gain an understanding of what sponsorship is, what it offers them, and what is involved in engaging and maintaining.

For those athletes who decide to continue, a group workshop is provided. The athletes who attend work intensively with The Sponsorship Consultants to create strategic content for their sponsorship journey including identifying suitable sponsors, creating a list of value they can offer, and being shown the next steps to take in connecting with sponsors.



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