Louise Johnstone, Obstacle Racer, Scotland

About This Project

I believe any type of athlete can get sponsored! If I can, anyone can.  I doubted this until I started speaking with Vickie at The Sponsorship Consultants.

Vickie explained the ‘why’ behind sponsorship and really demonstrated to me that we all, at all levels, have something that can be offered and benefit potential sponsors.

Incredibly enlightening, this actually affected not only my outlook on sponsorship for my sporting endeavours but also the potential for my business.

I am relatively new to the sponsorship journey but one of the best relationships I have had was recently with The Art of Communication.  We clearly had shared values and goals which meant the partnership evolved very quickly.  Cathy quickly embraced the whole sponsorship relationship and journey. Reciprocal sharing of content, forging networks for each other through a variety of events.  The Art of Communication was very understanding in the needs and potential impact of the event on myself and was very generous in looking after myself.

One of the main challenges I have faced is helping businesses to see the value in sponsorship, that it is not just about giving money but about creating a relationships.

Creating relationships with our sponsors is vital in the sponsorship process and something Vickie always talks about. It became clear that in this way, creating relationships, we can get the best from each other and create a deeper understanding.  This can develop into long lasting sponsorship relationships and more valuable sponsorships.


I absolutely recommend the Sponsorship Consultants approach to engaging sponsorship, it takes a lot of time to prepare these documents, to have help to go through the process simplifies the process.  It also generates thinking outside the box.

I now believe there is an abundance of sponsorship available to all kinds of athletes. Since working with Vickie, my perception of sponsorship has changed.  I used to be one of those individuals who thought it was just for specific people.  No longer do I believe this, Vickie’s way of working has been incredibly enlightening for me.

The greatest benefit for myself has been meeting people who have shared values as myself.  This is the most valuable benefit, by being involved and developing these, whether the initial relationship continues or not, it can lead to so much more.