Meet Vickie

By her own admission, Vickie Saunders is completely obsessed with teaching others how to connect with opportunity.

Coming in from left field, with a background of corporate marketing and bid writing, Vickie is fast becoming the world’s leading expert in athlete sponsorship education, and loves working with athletes you’ve never heard of right through to household brands and global organisations.

Officially based in Brisbane, Australia, but rarely there, Vickie spends much of her time travelling the world to work with her clients, contributing to an improved sponsorship landscape, globally, and at all levels.

Meet Shantelle

Based upon her experiences as an Aboriginal woman, mother of 3, and a world champion athlete in a male dominated sport (Brazilian jiu-jitsu) Shantelle is well versed in smashing boundaries, breaking stereotypes and challenging the status-quo.

Shantelle is a powerful storyteller; an innate quality that she has harnessed as a part of her cultural  inheritance as an Aboriginal woman. Within her culture, Elders use storytelling to teach the next generation about their culture, identity, and connection to country.

Meet Scott

Branding expert Scott Jones shares his insights and tips into how athletes can create their own personal brand.

Having launched his own successful media house, which includes the Athlete On Fire network, Scott has a great working knowledge of branding.

Scott is one of those guys that is so passionate about helping others achieve their ambitions and illuminating their pathway. The value Scott has to offer is not doing the work for his clients….but actually giving them the knowledge and skills they need to create their own brand.

Meet Warwick

Warwick is an Internationally accredited Speaker, Master MC, Exhibiting Expert and Author who has a passion for developing and mentoring new talent in these fields.

Warwick brings a warm and witty style, a wealth of knowledge and experience gained through his successful business background and many years in the speaking industry.

Meet Ryan

Ryan presents regularly at universities, schools, sports organisation and conference around Australia, and is the author of “The Social Media Scouting Report”

Ryan helps athletes and organisations shine online and brings knowledge and experience in the realm of successful social media education.

Meet Joanne

Author of “Champions Are Made When the Stands are Empty”, Joanne’s coaching methods have influenced Australia’s leading athletes including a number of Olympic medallists and world record holders.

Joanne’s unique outlook draws upon years of educational knowledge, her ability to create successful outcomes, and her psychological training

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