Would You Like to Sponsor Usain Bolt?

08 Sep Would You Like to Sponsor Usain Bolt?


When it comes to Athlete Sponsorship…..Usain Bolt sounds appealing right?

Absolutely, if you have a spare $9,000,000 hanging around (that’s what Puma pay him each year)!

Let’s play a game.

Let’s say you DO have $9,000,000 and you’re only allowed to spend it on Usain…….are you going to get your moneys worth?

What would YOU do right now if Usain Bolt was your sponsored athlete?

What would be the activities that you get him to do as part of his sponsorship contract with you?

Think about the type of things he currently does for his sponsors:

  • Instore appearances and autograph signings
  • Modelling for advertisements
  • Appearing in TV campaigns
  • Wearing / consuming their products in training and at events (races, media interviews etc)
  • Attending corporate functions as the guest of honour…and maybe doing a short speech
  • Participating in charity events (sometimes on behalf of sponsors)
  • Having sponsors  listed as his sponsors on his website
  • Mentioning you in 1 or 2 social media posts each month

IF you got Usain to do all of those things for your business, how much of your $9,000,000 investment would you get back? How much would it increase your revenue and profits?

If you already sponsor athletes, and you got Usain to do the same sponsorship activities that your current athletes do…….would it bring you closer to getting that $9M of value?

Is your business in a position to be turning over an extra $9,000,000+ of work this year? Oh yes, I forgot to mention….that’s what you’d be paying PER YEAR to sponsor him! SO you have 12 months to recoup that investment………still want to sponsor Usain?

Is there any possible way that you could really make use of Usain Bolt in a way that justifies the investment?

OK, so this may all sound a little silly…..but the fact is, so many companies feel they need to sponsor superstar athletes in order to get any real return on their investment….have you ever thought that before? If only we had a Usain Bolt or a Venus Williams…then our sponsorship would really give us a great return?
Reference: http://www.forbes.com/sites/kurtbadenhausen/2012/08/04/how-usain-bolt-earns-20-million-a-year/


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Vickie Saunders

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