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This Practical Guide To Creating And Managing Athlete Sponsorship Is A Game Changer!

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  • How sponsorship works and the incredible benefits it offers your business
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    The step by step process of creating and maintaining an effective athlete sponsorship plan
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About This eBook

Athletic sponsorship investment offers incredible value….when it’s done right!

Want to know how your business (in any industry and of any size) can get incredible return on one of the most underutilised but incredibly powerful marketing tools?

Learn how to optimise your sponsorship deals, for a commercial return that boosts your business profile and revenue…..and saves you time and money!

Learn The Process Of Getting Sponsored

Within these pages you’ll find what you need to know to create, maintain and gain value from athlete sponsoship

Learn how sponsorship works and the incredible benefits it offers your business…..beyond just financially!

You'll also learn how (and when) to make contact with athletes ....and how to assess their suitability!

Create Your Own Sponsorship Strategy

Gain a practical and working knowledge of how to plan, strategise and create winning proposals!

Create your own unique, successful approach to sponsorship!

Start (or improve!) your sponsorship journey today!

Feedback from REAL Athletes who read this book:

“This book captures everything a business needs to know about investing in athletes.

We were proud to be chosen as one of the case studies for this book, and hope that our experience and learnings will be of great value for other companies looking to begin or improve their sponsorship of athletes."

Ross Kinsella,

Co-Owner, Freedom Sports Medicine

“Vickie has an incredible ability of turning good relationships into great relationships.

This has set the foundation for a successful ambassador plan allowing us to find our 'perfect fit' and develop meaningful relationships to grow our community."

Drew Webb,

Head of Design and Strategy, Smith Evans Creative

“It's is a must read for any business that wants to establish meaningful, sustainable and mutually beneficial sponsorship partnerships with athletes.

This is a keep it simple, authentic approach that reads like a conversation with someone that is not only truly passionate about what they do, but also sincerely interested in making positive changes to the athlete sponsorship niche."

Fraser Cameron,

Changing Stride Ltd, New Zealand

Start (or improve!) your sponsorship journey today!

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