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Our Sponsorship Fast Track Pack is a simple, effective way to get the sponsorship you want (and you don't need to be an elite or famous athlete!)

Join The Athlete Hub Today For Just $49 & I Will Share With You The Exact Same Tools, Resources & Strategies I Use To Help Athletes Create The VITAL Facts In Their Sponsorship Journey

Step-By-Step Guide

We take the guess work out and give you a simple process that will help you approach sponsors in the right way!

Video Workshops

5 minute information packed workshop videos for each of the 8 steps!

Proposal Template

We provide the best template for you to use...with a structure and layout that is easy to edit!

Simple Instructions

We guide you through the process of creating your own unique sponsorship proposal!

Expert Advice

We work with the biggest sports organisations, sponsors and athlete's of all levels, all around the world.

All resources

We provide you with templates and checklists to keep you on track!

For Just $49 Here's What You'll Receive:

  • Workbook (work online or print your own copy)
  • Understanding Sponsorship (ebook)
  • 8 Step process to Getting Sponsored
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    8 x Video Workshops
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    Sponsorship Proposal Template
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    Sponsorship Contract template

Understanding Sponsorship

Read this to learn how sponsorship really works...and how it can work for you!

It’s really important to understand what sponsorship is...and what it isn’t!

Having an understanding of what sponsorship is all about will help you approach in the right way....and get great sponsorship to support your athletic ambitions!

8 Steps To Getting Sponsored.

Learn the exact process you are going to take to engage sponsorship!

We break down the process of getting sponsored in 8 easy to follow steps, and explain why each one is so important!

So many athletes don't know what steps to take...and sadly, they often miss out on sponsorship! Don't be one of them!

Contacting Sponsors.

We guide you through the process of communicating with your potential sponsors.

One of the most common questions we get asked is "How to I get in contact with potential sponsors?".

We tell you how to find out the right person to speak to, how to get in touch, what to say, and how to make sure you have a positive impact from the very start!

Creating Your Sponsorship Proposal

Learn how to create a sponsorship proposal that will get read and make a positive impact.

Creating a proposal is so important....and we give you all the tips and ideas that have helped hundreds of athletes engage sponsorship!

You receive an editable template and a simple to follow guide, as well as an example of a succesful proposal!

Start (or improve!) your sponsorship journey today!

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Jessica Gray,

Para Powerlifter

“Probably the most comprehensive and easy to understand guide to getting sponsored you’ll ever find! If you’re looking to get sponsored...THIS IS FOR YOU!"

Chris Collins

Multisport Magazine, New Zealand

“The process is simple and straightforward, and reaps incredible results."

Hannah Easton


Start (or improve!) your sponsorship journey today!

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