ASP 2: The Importance Of Branding For Athletes With Scott Jones

09 Oct ASP 2: The Importance Of Branding For Athletes With Scott Jones

In episode 2 of the Athlete Sponsorship podcast, we’ve got branding expert Scott Jones sharing his insights and tips into how athletes can create their own personal brand.

Having launched his own successful media house, which includes the Athlete On Fire network, Scott has a great working knowledge of branding. He’s a passionate runner and works a lot in the ultra running space…which for anyone who doesn’t know, means running further than a marathon…..sometimes, much further!

Scott is one of those guys that is so passionate about helping others achieve their ambitions, and I love the way he illuminates the path rather than spoon feeds….I think the value Scott has to offer is not doing the work for his clients….but actually giving them the knowledge and skills they need to create their own brand.

He’s also one of the industry experts in my online sponsorship programme for athletes…..The Athlete Hub….and I need to give him credit for encouraging me into the world of podcasting. He’s someone who really encourages others to take positive actions!



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Vickie Saunders

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