How To Create a Winning Sponsorship Proposal

07 Nov How To Create a Winning Sponsorship Proposal

Short, sweet….and it’s all about the Sponsor!

Yes, it’s true! When you write a proposal the focus must be on the company you are sending it to! Of course you need to tell them a bit about yourself: who you are, what sport you play, what your achievements and ambitions are…..but once you’ve got that out of the way (1 page is enough believe it or not!) it’s time to show them how much you have to offer that will be of real value to them!

Don’t be worried if you don’t know much about business….there is a simple process to understand what a company is looking for from a sponsored athlete (and what you can offer that really hits their hot spots!).

In a proposal you want to……

  • Show them that you understand their business objectives…..and you WILL because you have done a little research on their website and Facebook page and have seen what they are selling/offering/promoting!
  • Show them how creative, thoughtful, and committed you are by coming up with a great list of ways you can add value to them…….can you provide photos, videos, written content……are you able to attend the expo’s and community events they participate in…..maybe you have an awesome idea for an online challenge that could help them really connect with their current customers or engage an event bigger customer base!
  • Make it short (no more than 6 pages)…….and stylish (nice simple headings, bullet points, good photos, and really easy for them to read).
  • Make it ALL about them….include THEIR name throughout, and mention things that you know are important to them…..perhaps they are passionate about the environment, and if you share those values, talk about it…….and make sure you tell them why it would mean so much to be sponsored by them!
  • Show them how WILLING and EASY you will be to work with……that you are enthusiastic and thoughtful!

The proposal is not meant to be a final decision maker….it is supposed to be the START of a conversation with them… let them know this….say ‘these are just my thoughts based on what I know about XYYZ Company…..and what I want you to see is that I truly care about giving you great value….and I’m hoping we can have a chat about this soon”…..or something equally as friendly!

Getting sponsored isn’t rocket science…..but there are some proven, simple processes that will help you get sponsored without the stress, anxiety or guessing that so many athletes unfortunately put themselves through when they write a generic proposal, which is ALL about what a great athlete they are…..and they send it off to loads of companies and hope someone gets back to them.

I think that is the ONE thing that is holding athletes back from getting sponsored….it’s that they, or someone they know, has taken that scattergun approach and been jaded, and then tell everyone that ‘there’s no sponsorship’ or ‘it’s so difficult to get’…..when the reality is, they just approached it the wrong way!

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Vickie Saunders

Vickie is the world's leading expert on commercial relationships for individuals, businesses and sports organisations.