ASP 5 – The Legal Perspective – Francis Awaritefe

26 Oct ASP 5 – The Legal Perspective – Francis Awaritefe

In Episode 5, our guest is one of my childhood hero’s, ex professional footballer turned law graduate, Francis Awaritefe.

Francis, was raised in England and his parents homeland Nigeria, before heading over to Australia where he played in the professional league,  and represented Australia on the international stage.

After he retired, Francis went on to be a TV football commentator, and has recently graduated with honours, from the City Law School in London.

I’m a little awestruck in this interview….it’s so nice to meet someone you looked up to, and for them to be even more awesome than you’d imagined. 

We talk about the power of the people in the world of sport, and have a chat about athlete sponsorship contracts.

Vickie Saunders

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