(Blog 3 of 3) – The most amazing athlete sponsorship story!

07 Nov (Blog 3 of 3) – The most amazing athlete sponsorship story!

Part 3 of 3: But wait, there is more…..and now it gets really exciting!

In this final (for now!) blog, in a series of 3 (read #1 here and #2 here), we look at the ‘unexpected’ benefits of athlete sponsorship.

So far we’ve seen the measurable commercial benefits (Jo’s swim school made a 300% ROI on sponsoring Josh through new member sign ups), and all those less measurable, but valuable benefits like increased social media content, staff engagement, business development, and a multitude of benefits for Jo, her business, and of course for Josh.

Now, let’s look at those benefits that are really unexpected, totally un measurable, but the stuff that I think makes athlete sponsorship really special.

As I always say to my clients, “We base this stuff on business principals and commercial structures, we have strategy and clear, measurable outcomes……….but we just can’t avoid the feel good!”.

With less than 30 days until the 2016 Rio Olympics, emotions are starting to rise in anticipation of this spectacular event which allows us to see the worlds greatest athletes at their peak!


As a business owner and sponsor, Jo is feeling this more than ever. Having previously coached athletes (swimmers) to Olympic gold, Jo knows what’s coming up for Josh. As his sponsor, she has been really clear with him about where his focus needs to be now; on swimming. So, together they have planned around the Olympics, and cleverly decided to have Josh’s dad Simon (who is now going to Rio as the result of Jo and her team creating a GO Fund Me page for him!)…..and HE will be sharing Josh’s Olympic journey on social media and through Learn To Swim Victoria’s social media!

How cool is that! I love it! We get to share Josh’s journey, and his Dad’s too (gee, I can feel the Kleenex are going to be in high demand next month!)…..all without putting any additional pressure on young Josh, who can now focus all his energy on competing!


During the 3 school visits that Josh has done so far for his sponsors, the kids were all given a card with a link to the Australian Swimming teams webpage where you can send messages of encouragement to our Olympic Swimmers!

Can you imagine what it feels like for Josh, knowing that all the kids, teachers, Jo’s staff and swim school members and parents will be cheering for him come Rio?

Can you imagine how exciting it is for those same people to have spent time with Josh and to now be able to feel the excitement of seeing him competing at the Olympics?

And, because Jo is just such a great person who is always thinking of others, she is arranging a special breakfast at one of her swim schools, open to the public, on the morning of Josh’s first race at Rio! I for one will be there…..and I can already feel the buzz of excitement that will be emanating from the place on that morning!

He also got a whole tonne of handmade cards from kids at one of the schools!


And if all of the great stuff I’ve told you over these blogs isn’t enough…..here’s something else that just shows the power that athlete sponsorship relationships creates.

Jo came on podcast recently to share this very story, and minutes after the webinar finished she had sold a copy of her book to one of the webinar attendees. This was followed up by the purchaser who is the sponsorship manager for a global brand, wanting to speak to Jo about Josh……..nothing is set in place yet, but it is very possible that an additional, and significant sponsor could be on the cards for Josh in the near future.

AND……(of course there’s an ‘and’)……I haven’t told Jo this yet, but she should be speaking to that company about sponsorship/partnership with her swim schools! Connecting the dots……that’s what this is all about!

Are any of these things measurable? No, not really. Are they valuable? You bet they are! This is the stuff that changes lives……young aspiring swimmers see Josh and are inspired to pursue their own sporting dreams……Jo’s business and her own professional career are positively impacted in so many ways……..and so many more people now get to share in the excitement of Josh’s Rio journey….including you!

At The Sponsorship Consultants, we think this story should become less exceptional….and more normal, as the result of a company sponsoring an athlete. Maybe you will be our next success story!

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Connect with Josh: http://bit.ly/29k3BFB

Connect with Jo: http://bit.ly/29nAKAE

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