The Must Read Book For Athletes Seeking Sponsorship

Sponsorship is abundant…and available to athletes of ALL levels and in ALL sports!

Sponsorship for Athletes removes the mystery about sponsorship and reveals exactly how you can engage valuable, lasting sponsor relationships to help you fulfil your sporting ambitions.

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Your Ultimate Guide To Sponsorship

Easy to understand and put into action immediately!

Sponsorship is not just for the elites.

Whatever your level, whatever your sport, this book will reveal just how much you have to offer a potential sponsor and why they would want to sponsor you!

Within these pages you’ll learn how to OBTAIN, MAINTAIN and RETAIN great sponsors.

Choosing Sponsors

Learn the how to identify the right sponsors for you.

Understanding Sponsorship

How sponsorship works and the incredible benefits it offers you.

Case Studies

Athletes just like you share their insights into sponsorship.

Sponsorship proposals

How to plan, strategise and create winning proposals.

Customer Reviews

Everything You Need To Know


Just starting out?

Want to improve your current sponsorship?

Understanding how sponsorship REALLY works is the key to your success.

Learn The Process

Within these pages you’ll find what you need to know to obtain, maintain and retain sponsors.

Learn how sponsorship works and the incredible benefits it offers you…..beyond just financially!

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Contacting Sponsors

Connecting with the right sponsors in the right way makes all the difference.

Engaging in effective communication with sponsors – and creating mutually beneficial relationships!

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Strategy and Pitch

Gain a practical and working knowledge of how to plan, strategise and create winning proposals!

Create your own unique, successful approach to sponsorship!

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