ASP 9 – Launching My Business With Brand Ambassadors – Kim Essendrup

19 Dec ASP 9 – Launching My Business With Brand Ambassadors – Kim Essendrup

This weeks guest is a man who has changed his life in a huge way….when his health was looking to take him down the same path as his father who died at 54 of a heart attack, Kim decided to do an about face and threw himself into the sport of triathlon.
Fast forward a decade, and now Kim is launching a whole new business, based around his beloved sport….and a passion for helping others get more enjoyment from it.
I think you’re going to love this episode, because Kim really brings so much passion and his unique skill set into creating an athlete sponsorship programme that really is a win-win for everyone.
What I love about Kim, is the way he focusses on what he can give to the athletes he engages….and create really meaningful, lasting relationships.


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Vickie Saunders

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